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Prevention of Varicose Veins – Aria Vein Center

Treatment for varicose veins is readily available at the Aria’s Health and Wellness’, Vein Center in St. Petersburg, FloridaAdvanced Varicose Vein Treatment
Varicose veins can occur in any part of the body but are most often found in the legs and feet. Veins pump de-oxygenated blood towards the heart to receive oxygen from the heart and lungs and have valves that prevent back flow of blood. Varicosities occur when the valves become incompetent and are unable to return blood flow.

When the vein’s valves don’t work properly, blood flows backwards and starts to pool causing twisting and enlargement of the veins. This pooling causes what is commonly known as varicose veins. . Some varicose veins are just small and might be cosmetically bothersome. Others can be quite painful, cause the legs to swell and are
indicative of circulation problems. There are a variety of factors that cause varicose veins.

Standing for long periods of time, applying excessive pressure to the legs, pressure on the midsection of the body which occurs during pregnancy and obesity. These are all factors that resist gravity and cause pooling of blood flow so that blood can’t easily circulate back to the heart.


Tips for Varicose Vein Prevention

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid standing for long periods of time
  • Don’t Cross your legs for long periods of time, it cuts off circulation
  • Exercise to increase circulation
  • Never sit for long periods of time- get up frequently and move around to keep the blood flowing


Varicose Vein Treatment

At the Vein Center, here in St Petersburg Florida you can receive treatment and instructions on how to care for your varicose veins. There are a variety of options depending on the severity of your condition.


Compression Treatment

Compression stockings are a one of the oldest lines of treatment for varicose veins. Your doctor will instruct you to purchase special stockings that apply pressure to your legs in a good way, helping blood flow circulate back towards the heart. You can buy a pair of compression stocking in most surgical supply or drug stores.


Diet & Exercise

Make sure to avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time and maintain a good exercise regimen. This will help improve blood flow to your legs and help increase your circulation. Be sure and maintain a healthy weight. Elevate your legs at different intervals of the day if you know you are predisposed to or are developing varicose veins. Elevation of the legs will help increase blood flow back to the heart


Surgical and Other Treatment Options

When more moderate measures are unsuccessful in management of your varicose veins there are more invasive procedures that can remove or treat the affected vein directly.

Surgical Stripping is an older procedure that involves removing of the varicose vein through incisions in your leg. It is a surgical procedure done under anesthesia and recovery time is about three to six weeks.

Other treatments which are newer and less invasive such as Laser, Radiofrequency, or Sclerotherapy to remove or seal off the affected vein. These procedures may cause bruising initially after treatment but after a short period of time actually improve the appearance of the leg.

All procedures involve some risk, and you should discuss all your options with your doctor. At the Vein Center here in St. Petersburg, a treatment plan will be tailor-made specifically towards your unique medical needs.

Chinese Medicine & Pain Management

At Aria’s Health and Wellness Institute’s Pain Center in St. Petersburg Florida, Chinese medicine, is utilized as an integrative and holistic approach for the treatment and management of stress and pain. We will explore and expound upon how techniques used in Chinese medicine here at the Pain Center can help you get the relief you seek as part of an integrated approach to your treatment plan. Pain Management St. Pete Florida

The history of Chinese medicine dates back to the second century BC. In the text the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, descriptions of methods used today such as acupuncture and moxibustion to manipulate the Yin and Yang are described in ways that are practiced until today. The idea of Chi or Qi, is first mentioned here in the canon as well. Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe there are different kinds of Chi – Life forces, and different methods are used to mobilize or manipulate these energies in the body. Today, we will explore two methods that help manipulate Qi, clear blocked pathways and relieve pain.

 Tui Na

Tui Na, meaning “push and grab”, is a form of tissue manipulation/massage, to energize and bring balance to the Qi in various channels in your body. When the body is ill or injured, blockages in the life forces are formed and these blockages cause pain. A complete massage using Tui Na technique will help get Chi flowing again and restore balance and harmony to the body, relaxing the muscles and alleviate pain. Tui Na can assist in obtaining relief in a number of conditions including:

  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Shoulder, Neck Pain
  • Back Pain, Sciatica
  • Rheumatism, Arthritis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sprains, Strains
  • Fatigue and Stress

Tui Na focuses on restoring one’s overall health and wellbeing, not just the specific injury or pain involved. It’s focus it to restore balance, both mentally and physically, and promote a sense of well-being to the body. Practitioners here at the Pain Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, are skilled in delivering these modalities and can help you on the road to wellness and recovery.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a method commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture. It involves pressure strokes using a smooth edged object over lubricated skin. Stimulating release of harmful toxins from capillaries surrounding affected meridians of the body. Light bruising will occur over the areas that are treated and will usually resolve within a few days.

Studies have shown gua sha to have anti-inflammatory effects and can stimulate the immune system. A number of symptoms and diseases can be treated using gua sha such as: a variety of painful musculoskeletal conditions, neck problems, back pain, asthma and emphysema, to name a few.

We will continue to explore various methods used in Chinese Medicine to promote awareness of all treatment modalities available to you. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our experts here at Aria’s Health and Wellness Institute’s Pain Center, where a variety methods and treatment modalities are used so you can get the help you need.

Pain Management Through Physical Therapy

At Aria’s Health and Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, Florida – Pain Management is one of our major concerns. Physical Therapy plays an integral part of the pain management team. Most of us at one point or another in our lives, be it for a broken bone or a sprain that wouldn’t heal, were referred to a Physical Therapist to assist us in managing our pain, improve mobility and restore function to the affected part of the body. We will investigate the origins of the discipline and some of the methods used by physical therapists.


A History of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are highly trained, licensed healthcare professionals who help reduce pain, improve function and restore movement, many times without the need for invasive surgical procedures. Methods used and advocated for by physical therapists go back centuries. Hippocrates instructed on the use of massage, and Hector used hydrotherapy (water therapy) as far back as 460 B.C. In most countries outside the U.S., Physical Therapy goes by the name Physio or Physiotherapy.

In 1894 a professional group of nurses in the United Kingdom created the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Sweden had a Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics which was founded in 1813. Some of the procedures and manipulations used in modern physical therapy were surprisingly found to be used back then. Records indicate affluent Americans travelling to Sweden for treatment that was not yet available in the United States.

In the United States Physical Therapy began at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. in 1914. Research is part and parcel of every evolving profession. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), assisted with the Salk vaccine trials which lead to the development of the vaccine for Polio in 1956.


Methods Used

So how do Physical Therapists work their magic? What are some of the techniques they use? First, at the Pain Center here in St. Petersburg, Florida a Physical Therapist will do a complete evaluation and assessment to establish a treatment plan individualized to your needs. Once your needs have been assessed most treatment plans will include some of these techniques:



Motion and movement of various limbs are an essential part of physical therapy treatment. Some of the movement will include stretching and the use of weights to strengthen and build muscles and improve flexibility and mobility.

Manual Therapy

Massage and the direct hands-on approach is what separates Physical Therapists from other practitioners. The hands-on approach of stretching and working the muscles of patients improve movement, alleviates pain and increases strength.



Muscles, tendons and ligament injuries tend to benefit most from applications of heat, making the affected areas more malleable for the Physical Therapist to work with. It creates a better environment and allows the Physical Therapist to work on your injuries.



When patients suffer from connective tissue injuries, using sound waves which is transmitted via an Ultrasound Wand, can generate heat and warm up tissues and prepare it for manual therapy and exercise.


These are some of the methods and techniques used by Physical Therapists here at Aria’s Health and Wellness Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. Call us for an appointment and let us help you on your journey to wellness!

Chiropractic Pain Relief

St. Pete Chiropractors

At Aria’s Health and Wellness Pain Clinic in St Petersburg, Florida, the goal is to help pain sufferers find relief and help you along the road to wellness. This week we will explore the Chiropractic method and how Chiropractors work to help relieve back pain. Over 22 million Americans seek treatment from chiropractors annually. Chiropractors are health care professionals who focus on diagnosing neuromuscular problems and treat patients via adjustments or manipulation of the spine.

Chiropractors concentrate on the relationship between the nervous system and your spine and treat a myriad of conditions such as, lower back pain, sciatica, strains, whiplash, pain experienced from arthritis and headaches. The goal of the chiropractic treatment is to increase activity, alleviate pain and restore function and mobility.

Daniel David Palmer was the founder of the Chiropractic discipline in 1895. The word chiropractic literally means – “done by hand.” Palmer believed that the cause of all illness and disease could be removed by the human hand, through direct manipulation. His first patient, Harvey Lillard reported that after Palmer worked on him his deafness was cured. The Palmer School of Chiropractic was started in 1905.

Chiropractic Treatments

A large percentage of chiropractic treatments focus on helping patients find relief from lower back pain via direct spinal manipulation. At Aria’s Health and Wellness Pain Clinic in St Petersburg, Florida, chiropractors use their hands or a device to apply controlled pressure to a part of the spine. In this way, proper alignment of the spine will allow the body to heal without invasive surgery. Chiropractic treatment is generally considered to a safe and effective non-invasive method to get relief from back pain.

Chiropractic Evaluation

When being evaluated by a chiropractor always provide them with a complete medical history so they can take all of your medical issues into account before starting treatment When giving a history, and presenting your symptoms you should always include the following:

  • How long do you have the pain and when did it start?
  • The location of the pain
  • Was the pain your experiencing a direct result of injury?
  • What exacerbates your pain- any specific movement or position?
  • How would you describe your pain- sharp, dull, piercing or throbbing?
  • Is your pain continuous or does it come and go?

Chiropractic Examination

After providing your medical history and describing your symptoms in detail, you will be examined the Chiropractor. You exam will include assessing your blood pressure, pulse respiration and specific neuromuscular tests that will evaluate you for:

  • Your muscle strength
  • The range of motion – how far you can move the body part affected.
  • Your neurological status
  • Your muscle strength
  • How well your reflexes are functioning

Chiropractic Diagnosis

Upon completion of your evaluation the Chiropractor might decide that further diagnostic studies might be needed, such as, x-rays, or an MRI. After evaluating your history, physical exam and possible results of diagnostic studies he/she will provide you with a diagnosis and create a treatment plan tailored specifically to your individual needs. Chiropractic Medicine is an integral part of  this St. Petersburg Pain Clinic’s strategy to reduce pain and improve your level of function. Our team of professionals will custom tailor a plan for you to find you relief from what ever pain you are suffering from.

“What Is Vein Disease?” | Aria Vein Center St. Pete

What Is Vein Disease?

There are a variety of components that go into venous diseases– illnesses that affect the veins in your body. At the Aria Health + Wellness, Vein Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, specialists are here to help treat a variety of conditions that affect the veins in your body and help promote optimal venous health. The veins carry de-oxygenated blood towards your heart and lungs where they pick up oxygen and have valves to prevent back flow.

What Are Blod Clots?

Your veins are a key component of your circulatory system, and damage to veins can come in a variety of forms. The most commonly known, and most serious would be a blood clot, otherwise known as a thrombosis, which usually occurs in the leg. Blood clots, also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis, (DVT) can be life threatening if they travel from the legs to the lungs. It’s important to be aware of some of the signs of a blood clot to the leg, such as redness and swelling. Pain can occur in your leg that begins in the calf and can feel sore and begin to cramp. Sometimes clots can occur with no noticeable symptoms. Your doctor will prescribe blood thinners to treat the blood clot.

Blood Clot Prevention.

Prevention of blood clots is a key component in wellness. Avoid staying in one place for long periods of time. When in a cramped space, such as traveling on an airplane, be sure to get up frequently, and exercise your legs even while sitting in place. Avoid crossing your legs as this impairs circulation. Never sit for long periods of time. Exercise is essential in lowering your risk of blood clots, and is especially important when you are more sedentary or travel frequently.  Take your prescribed medication regimen if you were ever treated for a blood clot to prevent new ones from forming.

If the clot travels to the lungs, this can result in a life threatening condition called a Pulmonary Embolism. Signs and symptoms of a pulmonary embolism include, unexplained shortness of breath, chest pain that gets worse when taking a deep breath or coughing, a rapid pulse, spitting up blood, and feeling lightheaded, dizzy or faint.  If you experience any of the above symptoms, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

What Are Varicose Veins?

Another more common, less severe, disease of the venous system would be varicose veins.  Varicose veins usually form in the legs, as they are caused by pressure placed on the venous valves. These weakened valves then allow blood to pool, and the improper circulation of the blood, leads to the twisted, gnarled, look of what is called varicose veins.

At the Aria and Wellness, Vein Center, here in St Petersburg, Florida, you can be evaluated and assessed for treatment of varicose veins. Treatment for your varicose veins are not only cosmetic in nature. As Veins are an essential part of the circulatory system, getting treatment can be the right step in improving your overall circulatory health and wellness.