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Executive Health


The Center for Executive Health

l “Detect and prevent disease before it occurs…”

The Center for Executive Heath was founded to serve successful, busy people who desire exceptional, personalized attention and care.

The Center for Executive Health offers comprehensive ​physical ​examination​ and laboratory testing ​combined with nutritional and exercise counseling that is designed to complement the physical exam typically performed by your primary care physician.  Our single-day examinations are designed to be thorough yet fit into each person’s demanding schedules. At the heart of our program is the focus on wellness and disease prevention. With this goal in mind, the client will go home with a strategic plan for risk reduction and health improvement

Corporate enrollment in The Center for Executive Health offers companies an excellent way to maximize the health of their leadership teams.

Our Team

Aria Health + Wellness Institute Center of Executive Health professional team is composed of Board Certified physicians, licensed specialists and wellness professionals.  Our executive physical is completed in one day and is coordinated by an internal medicine physician.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Your appointment at the Center for Executive Health typically begins at 9 am and lasts approximately 4 hours.  During the visit, we will screen for early signs of any serious disease and identify ways to decrease the risk of future illness. We will then provide you with the tools, education and long-term support to help each individual achieve, sustain and enjoy their best health.

The following services are offered during your visit:

  • Pre-appointment phone consultation with the Executive Health internist to identify each individual’s healthcare needs and goals
  • 90- minute customized all-inclusive physical examination that addresses all health concerns
  • Comprehensive Neurologic Evaluation​
  • Cardiovascular Stress Testing may be performed prior to or the day of your scheduled visitcardiovascular health, heart disease
  • Comprehensive Laboratory Testing
  • Spirometry testing
  • Auditory + Visual Acuity Testing
  • Fitness Consultation + Prescription
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Wrap up session with the Executive Health internist to discuss your individualized Action Plan with medical and wellness recommendations.

In addition, we will provide a healthy breakfast and lunch. Meals can be selected from a variety of menu options at the time of appointment scheduling.

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing

Comprehensive laboratory testing is an integral part of our evaluation process. Specific testing is individualized based on your specific needs and goals. Comprehensive laboratory testing performed at the Center for Executive Health may include:

25-Hydroxy vitamin D
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Complete blood count (CBC)
TSH(Thyroid stimulating hormone)
HbA1C (blood sugar)
Hormone testing such as Estrogen, Estradiol, Progesterone, + Testosterone
Highly Sensitive C-Reactive Protein
Total Cholesterol, LDL + HDL

Additional testing and evaluation that may be performed include:

Carotid artery Ultrasound
Abdominal aortic ultrasound
Additional testing may lengthen your visit.