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Pain Management Through Physical Therapy

At Aria’s Health and Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, Florida – Pain Management is one of our major concerns. Physical Therapy plays an integral part of the pain management team. Most of us at one point or another in our lives, be it for a broken bone or a sprain that wouldn’t heal, were referred to a Physical Therapist to assist us in managing our pain, improve mobility and restore function to the affected part of the body. We will investigate the origins of the discipline and some of the methods used by physical therapists.


A History of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are highly trained, licensed healthcare professionals who help reduce pain, improve function and restore movement, many times without the need for invasive surgical procedures. Methods used and advocated for by physical therapists go back centuries. Hippocrates instructed on the use of massage, and Hector used hydrotherapy (water therapy) as far back as 460 B.C. In most countries outside the U.S., Physical Therapy goes by the name Physio or Physiotherapy.

In 1894 a professional group of nurses in the United Kingdom created the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Sweden had a Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics which was founded in 1813. Some of the procedures and manipulations used in modern physical therapy were surprisingly found to be used back then. Records indicate affluent Americans travelling to Sweden for treatment that was not yet available in the United States.

In the United States Physical Therapy began at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. in 1914. Research is part and parcel of every evolving profession. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), assisted with the Salk vaccine trials which lead to the development of the vaccine for Polio in 1956.


Methods Used

So how do Physical Therapists work their magic? What are some of the techniques they use? First, at the Pain Center here in St. Petersburg, Florida a Physical Therapist will do a complete evaluation and assessment to establish a treatment plan individualized to your needs. Once your needs have been assessed most treatment plans will include some of these techniques:



Motion and movement of various limbs are an essential part of physical therapy treatment. Some of the movement will include stretching and the use of weights to strengthen and build muscles and improve flexibility and mobility.

Manual Therapy

Massage and the direct hands-on approach is what separates Physical Therapists from other practitioners. The hands-on approach of stretching and working the muscles of patients improve movement, alleviates pain and increases strength.



Muscles, tendons and ligament injuries tend to benefit most from applications of heat, making the affected areas more malleable for the Physical Therapist to work with. It creates a better environment and allows the Physical Therapist to work on your injuries.



When patients suffer from connective tissue injuries, using sound waves which is transmitted via an Ultrasound Wand, can generate heat and warm up tissues and prepare it for manual therapy and exercise.


These are some of the methods and techniques used by Physical Therapists here at Aria’s Health and Wellness Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. Call us for an appointment and let us help you on your journey to wellness!

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