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Treatment Options

Conservative Treatments

Conservative treatment most commonly includes options such as exercise, posture/alignment, weight loss, physical therapy and over-the-counter pain medications. Patients with certain conditions respond very well to conservative treatments. Others see great benefit in combining these therapies with more advanced forms of pain management.

Physical Therapy  •  Chiropractic  •  Acupuncture  •  Exercise  •  Nutrition  •  Massage

Medication Management

The medical professionals at Aria believe in the importance and effectiveness of treating pain without the use of narcotic medications. Many people can’t take narcotics and others simply don’t want to. Conservative pain management isn’t always enough, but there are a variety of other prescription medications that are effective for reducing pain and increasing function. Our medical professionals will help to tailor a regimen that is right for you.

Muscle Relaxers  •  Anti-inflammatories   •  Anxiolytics  •  Neuropathic Pain Medications

Interventional Pain Management

Dr Khalilah Weston utilizes advanced non-narcotic, non-surgical and minimally invasive interventional treatments to address acute and chronic pain related to the spine, joints, nerves and headache.  State of-the-art x-ray guidance is often used to ensure the utmost safety during injection therapies.

While interventional pain management is likely to have the greatest rate of success, it also comes with greater risk. Steroid injections, nerve blocks, and other minimally invasive surgical procedures are typically reserved for when conservative treatments and medications have failed. The Pain + Stress Management Center offers a wide range of interventional treatment options and continues to adopt more as technology progresses.

Steroid Injections  •  Nerve Blocks  •  Radiofrequency Ablations  •  Neuromodulation