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Chiropractic Pain Relief

St. Pete Chiropractors

At Aria’s Health and Wellness Pain Clinic in St Petersburg, Florida, the goal is to help pain sufferers find relief and help you along the road to wellness. This week we will explore the Chiropractic method and how Chiropractors work to help relieve back pain. Over 22 million Americans seek treatment from chiropractors annually. Chiropractors are health care professionals who focus on diagnosing neuromuscular problems and treat patients via adjustments or manipulation of the spine.

Chiropractors concentrate on the relationship between the nervous system and your spine and treat a myriad of conditions such as, lower back pain, sciatica, strains, whiplash, pain experienced from arthritis and headaches. The goal of the chiropractic treatment is to increase activity, alleviate pain and restore function and mobility.

Daniel David Palmer was the founder of the Chiropractic discipline in 1895. The word chiropractic literally means – “done by hand.” Palmer believed that the cause of all illness and disease could be removed by the human hand, through direct manipulation. His first patient, Harvey Lillard reported that after Palmer worked on him his deafness was cured. The Palmer School of Chiropractic was started in 1905.

Chiropractic Treatments

A large percentage of chiropractic treatments focus on helping patients find relief from lower back pain via direct spinal manipulation. At Aria’s Health and Wellness Pain Clinic in St Petersburg, Florida, chiropractors use their hands or a device to apply controlled pressure to a part of the spine. In this way, proper alignment of the spine will allow the body to heal without invasive surgery. Chiropractic treatment is generally considered to a safe and effective non-invasive method to get relief from back pain.

Chiropractic Evaluation

When being evaluated by a chiropractor always provide them with a complete medical history so they can take all of your medical issues into account before starting treatment When giving a history, and presenting your symptoms you should always include the following:

  • How long do you have the pain and when did it start?
  • The location of the pain
  • Was the pain your experiencing a direct result of injury?
  • What exacerbates your pain- any specific movement or position?
  • How would you describe your pain- sharp, dull, piercing or throbbing?
  • Is your pain continuous or does it come and go?

Chiropractic Examination

After providing your medical history and describing your symptoms in detail, you will be examined the Chiropractor. You exam will include assessing your blood pressure, pulse respiration and specific neuromuscular tests that will evaluate you for:

  • Your muscle strength
  • The range of motion – how far you can move the body part affected.
  • Your neurological status
  • Your muscle strength
  • How well your reflexes are functioning

Chiropractic Diagnosis

Upon completion of your evaluation the Chiropractor might decide that further diagnostic studies might be needed, such as, x-rays, or an MRI. After evaluating your history, physical exam and possible results of diagnostic studies he/she will provide you with a diagnosis and create a treatment plan tailored specifically to your individual needs. Chiropractic Medicine is an integral part of  this St. Petersburg Pain Clinic’s strategy to reduce pain and improve your level of function. Our team of professionals will custom tailor a plan for you to find you relief from what ever pain you are suffering from.

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